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The 800th anniversary exhibition

14 June through 4 November 2018

A Hanseatic, artisan, industrial and historic university city, the centre of a thriving middle-class community, a district capital and East Germany’s gateway to the world and a modern centre on the Baltic Sea. Rostock has always had many different faces. The city’s 800th anniversary is providing the Rostock Cultural History Museum with a welcome opportunity to celebrate the history of the Hanseatic city in an extraordinary exhibition. More than 650 exhibits tell the story of political conflicts and cultural upheavals, provide insights into the lives of the rich and poor, and describe periods of prosperity, as well as the darker chapters of Rostock’s past. Between 14 June and 4 November, visitors can embark on a journey of discovery through the history of the Hanseatic City of Rostock. The exhibition not only provides fascinating answers about the city’s past, but also invites you to ask your own questions.

The Programme

Exhibition events

14 June 2018

6.00 pm • Grand opening of the exhibition

6.00 pm to 9.00 pm • Exhibition open in the evening

17 June 2018

11.00 am • Sunday tour

21/22/23 June 2018

2.00 pm daily • Public tour for the “Hanseatic Days of New Time”

24 June 2018

11.00 am • Sunday tour

24 June 2018

2.00 pm • Public tour for the “Hanseatic Days of New Time”

July – October 2018

6.00 pm to midnight • Long Night of Museums

27 October 2018

6.00 pm to midnight • Long Night of Museums

27 October 2018

11.00 am • Sunday tour

4 November 2018

11 am/1 pm/3 pm/5 pm • Special tours on the last day of the exhibition

Understanding the City’s History

Exciting programmes for groups, schools and families

The exhibition is accompanied by a programme of concerts, events and interesting lectures by distinguished guest speakers in the rooms of the museum.

Rostock. Now 800 is an engaging exhibition for people of all ages and provides interesting programmes that bring history to life, particularly for children and young people: e.g. on fun children’s tours through 800 years of Rostock, during special themed tours and project days for schools or in the museum’s laboratory for exploring the city’s history.